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The Children’s Character Building Collection (11 volume set)

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The Children’s Character Building Collection (11 volume set)

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One of the best gifts you could ever give a child are the eleven stories of our renowned, classic 19th century Children’s Character Building Collection.  And this new printing of the collection is the highest-quality edition of them ever done. All 11 volumes have beautiful new art, hand-painted covers. This is our all-time favorite set of children’s stories from last century, and all with fresh artwork that captures the feel of that era!

Each of these delightful volumes is full of Biblical truth, presented in the most winsome possible stories, sure to warm the heart and teach the mind of every family member. The reading level for this set is often said to be 4th – 5th grade, but we find children of all ages enjoy them, and even adults often tell us they find them delightful to read. Check each of the books in this area of the site, for its own full description. They make wonderful read-alouds to children from K through 3rd grade too.

The Children’s Character Building Collection set includes all of the following 11 books:

  • The Bible in the Wall  (focus: reverence and love for God’s Word)
  • Godliness is Great Gain   (focus: diligence and faithfulness)
  • The Little Medicine Carrier (focus: honesty and being reliable to do what you said) 
  • The Reward of Childhood Truth (focus: truthfulness and lying)
  • The Weed With an Ill Name (focus: self-control and rooting out Pharisaical self-righteousness) 
  • Roses and Thorns (focus: integrity)
  • Tampering With Temptation (focus: resisting temptation and deceitfulness)
  • Wandering May (focus: fear of the future and trustful faith in God)
  • Little Daisy and the Swearing Class (focus: controlling your tongue)
  • Theobold the Iron-Hearted (focus: loving your enemies and not taking personal vengeance)
  • A Little Rebel Becomes a Saint (focus: kindness and obedience)

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