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The Blessed and Boundless God (Puritan Treasures for Today)

Reformation Heritage

The Blessed and Boundless God (Puritan Treasures for Today)

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For who in the heaven can be compared unto the Lord? Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the Lord?— Psalm 89:6

From the psalmist’s assertion that no one in heaven or earth is like God, George Swinnock derives his principal doctrine—namely, God is incomparable. Throughout The Blessed and Boundless God, he proves his doctrine by demonstrating God’s incomparableness in His being, attributes, works, and words. Swinnock is a pastor-theologian who views theology as the means by which we grow in acquaintance with God and, consequently, in godliness. Therefore, he carefully applies his doctrine by demonstrating how God’s incomparableness informs, counsels, and comforts us. Read this book prayerfully, thoughtfully, and expectantly, keeping in mind Swinnock’s simple conviction that “when we take the incomparable God as our God, we are incomparably blessed.”

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The Blessed and Boundless God - Puritan Treasures for Today

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