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Rock Solid: 12 Gospel Truths to Live By

The Good Book Co.

Rock Solid: 12 Gospel Truths to Live By

  • Bob Horn
  • Christopher Ash
  • David Field
  • David Jackman
  • J. Williams
  • Jonathan Stephen
  • Justin Mote
  • Liam Goligher
  • Mike Ovey
  • Roger Carswell
  • Tim Thornborough
  • Trevor Archer
  • Vaughan Roberts
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Rock Solid aims to help us get to grips with Christian truth and helps us to see that these truths are not just for knowing in our minds but for acting upon in our day to day lives. If faith is not lived out, it is worth nothing. This book explains and clarifies these important and powerful doctrines, or ‘themes’, of the Bible so that we might have the comfort and assurance that comes from them, and so that we can make our life decisions by them.

Each chapter focuses on one of these truths and includes a short Bible study and discussion questions aimed at stimulating our thinking and encouraging our action. Brief contemporary stories are also included to show how these particular truths have been used by God, either to bring men and women to Christ, or to teach them something of His ways in their lives.

This is primarily a book to be worked through. It is written in the hope that it will not simply be read straight through, but, in men’s or women’s groups, or informal small groups, it will be used as a means of getting a clear hold on the truths that define who we are as followers of Christ.

  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • © 2009
  • ISBN 9781906334680

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