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Opening Up Deuteronomy

Day One

Opening Up Deuteronomy

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In some ways you could argue that the book of Deuteronomy is not a book for the 21st century. You would have to change the title for a start. ‘Second giving of the law’ isn’t likely to fill too many people with eagerness and excitement. After all, laws aren’t very popular, and, as we see with television, neither are repeats. 

So getting people enthusiastic about a book that is all about laws and that covers some of the same ground as the book of Exodus looks like being a hard sell. Looked at from another point of view, though, it is a book whose time has come. Lawlessness and moral relativism don’t lead to happiness.

Understanding the law of Moses and its relevance for today really can! It’s a book that the 21st century needs—even if all too few realize it.

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