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It's Not Fair!: Finding Hope When Times Are Tough

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It's Not Fair!: Finding Hope When Times Are Tough

  • Deborah Howard
  • Wayne A. Mack
$ 8.45 $ 11.99

Sometimes things shake us. Sometimes we lose the things that we think are most solid and stable. Sometimes the things that we value—the things we count on for safety and satisfaction—are ripped away from us.

Nothing is more damaging to us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally than responding to the unpleasant, unwanted, and (in our judgment) undeserved circumstances of life with the "it's not fair" attitude. It eats away at us like cancer or leprosy. It is a killer that destroys our joy, hope, faith, love, and usefulness for Christ.

Knowing God on a deep level—knowing who and what he is and having a knowledge of his character—has great practical value in helping us handle the denials, refusals, and frightening and painful circumstances that we inevitably face in life. Wayne Mack shows us how to keep a true knowledge of God on the front burner of our minds and hearts in order to keep us from responding to the unpleasant and unwanted experiences of life with the thought—and perhaps even the words—"It's not fair."

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • © 2008
  • ISBN 9781596381124

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