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Has Christianity Failed You? (CD Audiobook)


Has Christianity Failed You? (CD Audiobook)

  • Ravi Zacharias
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Internationally acclaimed apologist Ravi Zacharias asks the hard questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. In his landmark new audio book on CD, he addresses the struggle he hears from both skeptics and Christ-followers: Has Christianity failed us? And can irrefutable charges be brought against it by skeptics and disappointed believers alike? Exploring topics such as “Who Is Jesus?” “How Does a Person Get Close to God?” and “Are Purpose-Driven and Reason-Driven Always at Odds?” Zacharias explains head-on why so many people today have given up on faith. In the end, he asks whether it is God, or whether it is the Church—as God’s representative—that has failed. And more dramatically, he asks if the irrational ends of the skeptic’s worldview without God risk the very existence of humanity. Zacharias speaks for anyone who has left the church literally or emotionally, who lives with silent doubts about God, or who knows that Jesus is the answer—but has forgotten the question. Here, he will change how you see Jesus, how you see yourself, and how you see the way your life is meant to be lived.

  • CD
  • Run time 08:10:35
  • © 2016
  • ISBN 9780310269564

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