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Great Invitation

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Great Invitation

  • Erroll Hulse
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How do we assess the effect of an evangelistic meeting or campaign? Are we right to judge its success or failure by the number of people who go forward or sign a card? There can, of course, be no greater or more important invitation to men and women than that of the gospel. The preacher should never feel any inhibitions in declaring the free offer of salvation in Christ. But does this mean that we are at liberty to use any method that appears to get results? Is the appeal or altar call a justified method of encouraging that final commitment, or is it an unwarranted addition to the inherent power of the gospel? This is controversial and may come as a shock to many who have never considered the rights or wrongs of the invitation system before. The authors desire is that all Christians think the issue through and ensure that the Great Invitation of the gospel is not based on modern trends or cultural pressures for instant success, but on the sure foundation of the Word of God.

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