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Are You Being Duped: A Book About Countering Error With Truth

Evangelical Press

Are You Being Duped: A Book About Countering Error With Truth

  • Kent Philpot
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Are you being duped? How would you know if you are or not? Have you embraced ideas and concepts that are working against you? Do you believe you will simply die and that is the end of your existence? Do you really think all spiritual paths lead to the one true God? Do you think your life is all about you and your happiness? Do you believe in a 'god' of your own making? Have you really looked at truth for yourself or have you only bought into what influential people around you believe? Are you so bound by contemporary models of diversity and tolerance that you do not know what truth is? Most of us want to believe in things that soothe our consciences or take the edge off our dissatisfaction with life - but they do not ultimately give us lasting peace, hope or purpose. Perhaps you do not realize you are buying into a lie; we seldom do. Are you being duped? is a book about countering error with truth. It is about discerning what we are really embracing when we believe certain ideas or philosophies and what the culmination of them will be. Kent Philpott, a pastor and teacher for many years, tackles these issues one by one. From his own experience of being duped and through the teachings of Jesus, Paul and the other Apostles, Kent confronts these errors, explores their consequences and then provides a biblical response to them. Be bold and read this book; if you do not think you are being deceived there should be no fear in being challenged, but if you are being duped and you do not realize it, this could be the most important book you have ever read.

  • Paperback
  • 181 pages
  • © 2004
  • ISBN 9780852345573

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