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A Colorful Past (Boekestein)

Reformation Heritage

A Colorful Past

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This coloring book introduces children to important characters from church history, focusing on at least one person per century. The basic timeline illustrates how God has woven humanly flawed characters into a single living story. And this story is not over. As children color these pages and see God’s unfolding plan in church history, pray they will learn to praise God for the “wonderful works that He has done” (Ps. 78:4).


First Century - Paul
Second Century - Ignatius/Polycarp/Justin Martyr
Third Century - Tertullian
Fourth Century - Emperor Constantine/Athanasius/Augustine and Monica
Fifth Century - Patrick
Sixth Century - Columba
Seventh Century - Gregory the Great
Eighth Century - Boniface/Charlemagne
Ninth Century - Gottschalk
Tenth Century - Vladimir of Kiev
Eleventh Century - Anselm of Canterbury
Twelfth Century - Bernard of Clairvaux/Peter Waldo
Thirteenth Century - Thomas Aquinas
Fourteenth Century - John Wycliffe
Fifteenth Century - John Hus/Girolamo Savonarola/Desiderius Erasmus
Sixteenth Century - Martin Luther/Ulrich Zwingli/Thomas Cranmer/Peter Martyr Vermigli/Heinrich Bullinger/John Calvin/John Knox/Lady Jane Grey/William Perkins
Seventeenth Century - John Owen/John Bunyan/Matthew Henry
Eighteenth Century - Jonathan Edwards/George Whitefield
Nineteenth Century - William Carey/Charles Spurgeon
Twentieth Century - Abraham Kuyper/J. Gresham Machen

  • Paperback
  • 88 pages
  • © 2018
  • ISBN  9781601786395

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