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Overeating: When Enough Isn't Enough

New Growth

Overeating: When Enough Isn't Enough

  • Michael R. Emlet
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If we’re honest, most of us can remember eating more than we need. More often than we might care to admit, we finish a meal knowing we’ve had too much. Why do we push the limits of our food consumption? Does God have anything to say about this struggle?

Physician and counselor Michael R. Emlet walks us through the many reasons we may overeat and reminds us of biblical themes that should guide how we think about food and the way we eat. He reminds us that our use of food is not morally neutral, but reflects many layers of heart motivation.

Instead of experiencing guilt or shame over this struggle, however, he invites us to see that our identity is in Jesus, not in our weaknesses. Readers will be encouraged to consider new thought processes and practices that will bring new freedom to mealtime.

  • Booklet
  • 24 pages
  • © 2019
  • ISBN 9781645070047

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