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The Pastor of Kilsyth: The Life and Times of W. H. Burns

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The Pastor of Kilsyth: The Life and Times of W. H. Burns

  • Islay Burns
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The Pastor of Kilsyth introduces us to the life and ministry of William Hamilton Burns (1779– 1859), the father of the better known preacher and missionary to China William Chalmers Burns (1815–68). But while eclipsed in fame by his son, the life and ministry of William H. Burns contains much that is of value to us today. This is reflected by Iain Murray who referred to The Pastor of Kilsyth as a ‘little known work,’ but notwithstanding this said it is ‘one of the best Scottish ministerial biographies.’ Those who give time to read this book will undoubtedly be led to agree with Murray.

The author of The Pastor of Kilsyth was another son of William H. Burns, Islay Burns (best known as a writer, and as the successor to Robert Murray M‘Cheyne in Dundee). He gave three reasons for writing this biography, and they are still helpful in outlining its value. Islay Burns first said that he aimed to introduce his readers to a ‘humble, unobtrusive, loving, cheerfully serious, and quietly conscientious country clergyman.’

  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
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  • ISBN 9781848718715

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