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The Spiritual Impact of Sexual Abuse

New Growth

The Spiritual Impact of Sexual Abuse

  • Diane Langberg
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Are you ministering to someone whose trauma of sexual abuse has shattered their trust in God? Do you see them wrestling with the dichotomy between what they are told about God and the bitter facts of their wounds? If the abuse happened when they were a child, they may have a particularly fractured understanding of trust, truth, and love. How can you begin to reach out to them? What do you need to understand about their pain? 

Diane Langberg walks you through the answers to these questions and provides timely counseling insight based on her years of working with victims of sexual abuse. She explains why it is critical to understand the long-term impact of such trauma, and she considers ways you can wisely incarnate the love of Christ to a survivor searching for true meaning and purpose.

  • Mini Book
  • 24 Pages
  • © 2017
  • ISBN 9781945270659

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