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The Gospel Comes with a House Key

c w knerr

Rosaria Butterfield is at her most passionate when addressing the need for Christians to be hospitable not only to fellow Christians but also to the unsaved around them.  She relates how her past in the LGBTQ community and their emphasis on hospitality prepared her, in God's providence, to use that skill set to serve those in need around her.  (For her conversion testimony, see her previous book, Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert.)  More importantly, she recounts stories from encounters with their church family and their neighbors as she and her husband open their home to the point of sacrifice to not only those most like them, but also those hurting and bound by sinful behavior, including their next door neighbor who, unbeknownst to them, had a meth lab in his basement.

Though her emphasis is on hospitality in the home, she also speaks to those who are unable to do so, by exhorting them to be a support to those who are able.  Opportunities at work or the coffee shop or other venues are also mentioned. 

There are practical hints and tips scattered throughout, such as how she deals with the constant possibility of drop in guests at meals and how she organizes her time, which as a pastor's wife and a homeschool mom is at a premium.

Above all, she is zealous for God to be glorified.  The Scriptures are her plumb line and guidebook and one can see over the course of her story covered in this book, how she constantly strives to live by its precepts and calls others to do the same.  A thought-provoking read for all.

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