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@ the Cross

c w knerr

In At the Cross, John Benton delves into the topics of faith, forgiveness, justification, righteousness, Christ's obedience and sanctification using Scripture passages from Isaiah, Romans and 2 Corinthians.  While for many readers, these topics are very basic and well known, the approach here is to provide an overview and then to broaden the scope to show how each doctrine counteracts our "feel good" culture--a culture that  has lost its moral way. 

The content was originally preached to the congregation of Chertsey Street Baptist Church in Guilford, UK and has been recast to be very readable and suitable not only for those in our churches who are grappling with presenting the gospel in truth to our culture, but to those perhaps needing a wake up call and to those who know little of doctrine and Christian living, but who are searching for answers.

The New Perspective on Paul (NPP) is mentioned in the introduction and briefly thereafter as being a catalyst for the sermons which have become this book.  This does somewhat date the material, but is very limited and does not detract from the excellent points being made.

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