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What the Bible Says About Marriage

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What the Bible Teaches About Marriage
by Anthony Selvaggio
Evangelical Press
Anthony Selvaggio states clearly in his preface his goals in writing a book on marriage when there are already so many available.  His desire is to "address the topics of human sexuality, romance and marriage from the Bible with deep theological reflection", using the Song of Solomon as a base.  While some marriage books fall more into the self-help realm, being light on Biblical reference, and others elevate the do's and don'ts and neglect the aspects of joy and delight, the author strives to bring back the delights and hedges of marriage while also pointing his readers to the Creator of marriage.
The first chapter lays the foundation with an emphasis on the origins of marriage in Genesis.  The following two chapters are aimed at the couple who is seriously dating or engaged, using Song 2:7 to show the need for both maturity and purity.  Chapters 4 through 10 address the married couple, building on the foundation laid in chapter 1, and addressing the nature of true love and how to maintain true love, again using passages from Song of Solomon.  Much of the strength and appeal of this book is that the reader is seeing through the eyes of the characters portrayed in the Song of Solomon, seeing intimately through the first-hand account the relationship of the man and woman portrayed there.
The topics addressed are as current today as when the Song was written.  The foundation is also timeless.  The book points us to Christ, our First Love, and addresses marriage through that lens.  Couples, pre-married, married a few short years or many years will benefit from the material presented here.
The book would be useful for an individual couple, a small group study comprised of couples or those doing marriage counseling.  Each chapter ends with discussion questions.

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