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Learning about the Old Testament

c w knerr New Books

by Allan Harman
Banner Of Truth, 2017

Paperback, 127 pages

Allan Harman brings expertise gained from decades studying, teaching and writing about the Old Testament, to this concise, foundational overview.  His treatment of the material is both linear and logical.  Beginning with some general guidelines, the author then takes a brief look at the cultures surrounding the Israelites as their history unfolds.  He also gives background on God's covenants, which forms the lens through which the historical facts are examined, starting with creation and ending with the exile and return.  A final chapter gives helpful advice for preaching from the Old Testament.

The text is very readable and succinctly distills a great deal of information.  Several maps and charts are included where they are able to aid understanding.  A most helpful feature is a list of additional resources on what has been covered in that chapter.


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