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If You Can't Imagine How a Choose Your Own Adventure Book Would Handle a Serious Topic . . .

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. . .Take a Look at What's Your Worldview?


What's Your Worldview?

By James N. Anderson

Crossway Books, 2014

Paperback, 112 pages


Rather than write about 21 worldviews in a linear fashion, James Anderson has used a more compelling, engaging way of walking the reader through the material.  After a short introduction explaining how the book works and defining a worldview, Part 1 consists of 21 common questions, addressing a wide variety of subjects ranging from Truth and God to Mohamed and Moses to Divinity and Salvation.  The substance of each question is addressed in 1 or 2 pages followed by a  yes or no choice, each of which directs the reader to the appropriate next step, which might be another question, a category or a worldview.  Part 2 contains 5 worldview categories--Atheist, Theist, Quasi-Theist, Finite Theist and Non-Christian Theist.  Again, each category is well explained in 1 or 2 pages with a choice to reconsider a previous yes or no answer or to continue on to the particular worldview that corresponds to the answer(s) given.  In the Part 3, each worldview within the category is examined (again in a 1 or 2 page format) as the conclusion to the series of "clues".  However there is still the chance to re-examine one's choices and follow a different trail.  

This book can most definitely be given to non-Christians, especially those who are interested in religion or philosophy, or who are searching for answers to the meaning of life.  It will appeal to students, millennials and professionals alike.  The Christian reader will also benefit from the concise descriptions of what those around them believe and provide a helpful background to use in starting and continuing conversations with others.



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