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If you are looking for Women's Bible Study materials . . .

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You Might Want to Look at Kathleen Nielson's Study on John.

Kathleen Nielson has written a comprehensive Bible Study guide on the book of John.  She takes as her key passage John 20:30-31 and as her theme part of verse 31, "But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God".  This theme becomes the foundation for the observations and questions that guide the reader to dig more deeply into John and to see more of who Christ is.  

Each of the 20 chapters of the book is divided into 5 days of study.  Each day contains thought-provoking questions spread over several pages with adequate room to write the answers.  Also included are Notes for Leaders, an outline of John, three charts to be filled in over the course of the study--Seven Signs, Seven I AM Statements and Jewish Festivals--Suggested Memory Passages and Study Helps.  The book is usable by an individual, but those who have gone through the study with a group have greatly benefited from the shared insights and perspectives.  The two options for group study would be as a small group going question by question or as a larger group with a leader presenting the material.

This study compels real thought and the comparing of Scripture with Scripture.  The benefit to those who undertake this study will be tremendous.

Other Options to Consider

We looked at Sarah Ivill's study on 1 Peter, 2 Peter and Jude here.  Her Bible Study guide on Judges and Ruth would be another possibility.  Kathleen Buswell Nielson, the author of John: That You May Believe has studies available on Proverbs.  Joy: A Bible Study on Philippians for Women by Keri Folmar would be another good choice.

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