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If You Are Looking For Something Deeper Than a Checklist When It Comes to Modesty. . .

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The Book What's Up With the Fig Leaves? Is for You.

What's Up With the Fig Leaves? The Principles and Purposes of Modesty Uncovered

by Heather Thieneman

Christian Focus, 2016

Paperback, 213 pages

While the subject of modesty, in general, has been relegated to the realm of clothing, Heather Thieneman digs much deeper into the human heart and its intentions.  Addressing both men and women, and beginning with Adam and Eve, she uses both Biblical and secular sources to show that the underlying basis of modesty is spiritual and inward, leading to the outward manifestations.  Special care is taken to define Christian modesty, to lay its foundations in what is good and beautiful.  The impact of issues such as Christian liberty, sexual differences between men and women, and cultural perceptions are scrutinized in the light of Scripture.  And finally having laid down a foundation of Biblical principles, and challenging the reader to determine their own standards based on those principles, the author shows how consistency in adhering to them is essential.    

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