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If You Are Looking For Graduation Ideas, Part 2 . . .

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For those looking for translations of the Bible other than the English Standard Version (ESV) to give as a gift, the available choices at Grace Books would be the King James  (KJV) or New King James Version (NKJV), the New American Standard version (NASB),and the New International Version (NIV).

The King James version is available  two ways:  1.  a compact size with a Leather Touch binding, large print and several cover choices.  2.  a Reformation Study Bible format, available in hardcover, imitation leather and genuine leather covers.

The New King James version is available as a MacArthur Study Bible in either hardback or imitation leather.  

The New American Standard Version is available in a Thinline edition with an imitation leather binding.

And last but not least, is the New International Version, available in either an imitation leather Compact Thinline version or a Zondervan  Personal Size Study Bible also in imitation leather.

Any of these Bibles would be a welcome gift to a graduating high school student or college senior.  


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