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From the $2 Bookshelf - The Local Church and The Great Omission

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The Local Church - A Living Body
by John Keith Davies
Evangelical Press, 2001
Paperback, 271 pages
In this, his last book, John Davies spells out the doctrine of the local church in a basic, yet thorough, way.  The material presented is divided into four sections:  the local church and its life, the local church and its membership, the local church and its leadership, and the local church and its mission, which are further divided into chapters and then into short, easy-to-read portions which can be read as stand-alone units as well as a part of the whole.  The church as seen in the New Testament is the foundation.  How the modern church builds upon that foundation provides the focus.  The author is not afraid to state his opinions, while also realizing that many may disagree on those points.
The Great Omission:  A Call to Restore Mission to the Heart of the Local Church
by Trevor Harris
Evangelical Press, 2005
Paperback, 153 pages
As a former missionary for many years to Eastern Europe, both during and after Communism, Trevor Harris is particularly well suited to write about missions and the local church.  His perception is that many churches either focus on missions within their own country or solely on overseas missions.  After examining the "what, whys and wherefores" of missions, the author surveys the theme of missions in the Old Testament, a somewhat unexpected starting place.  He then focuses on the heart of missions, looking at missions from the perspectives of God, the church and the world.  He ends with a call to churches to catch God's heartbeat and heed His call.

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