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From the $2 Bookshelf - A Cloud of Witnesses and Preaching Christ

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A Cloud of Witnesses: Calvinistic Baptists in the 18th Century
by Michael Haykin
Evangelical Press, 2006
Paperback, 96 pages
The reader will find in this small volume the stories of 10 Christians living in the 18th century, whose lives and witness helped pave the way for the Evangelical Awakening in England.  These include Hercules Collins, pastor of Wapping Street Baptist church in London; William Mitchell, an itinerant evangelist; Anne Dutton, author; Abraham Booth, pastor of Prescott Street Baptist Church, London and anti-slavery author; John Ryland Jr., pastor of Broadmead Church, Bristol and founder of the Baptist Missionary Society; John Thomas missionary to India with William Carey; Coxe Feary, pastor in Bluntisham, England; Samuel Pearce, pastor of Cannon Street Baptist Church, Birmingham; Sarah Pearce, Samuel's wife; and John Sutcliff, initiator of monthly prayer meetings to pray for revival.  
Though little known by those living in the 21st century, these ten were influential in ways which have impacted us today, often working alongside more historically well known Christians
Preaching Christ
by Edgar Andrews
Evangelical Press/ Evangelical Times, 2005
Paperback, 80 pages
  Writing to counteract the tendency of some churches to neglect preaching Christ, Edgar Andrews looks at such topics as "Preaching the Atonement", "Did Jesus preach Christ?", "Preaching Christ to Christians", and "Preaching Christ from the Old Testament".  He delves deeply into the whys and wherefores of seeing Christ in all of Scripture, and then preaching that way.  Though written primarily for pastors, anyone will benefit by the insights offered here.

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