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From the $2 Bookshelf - Moving Out and The Pigtail and Chopstick Man

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Moving Out With Christian Faith:  The Challenge of Acts for Today's Church
By Peter Jeffrey
Evangelical Press, 2006
Paperback, 126 pages
After a brief overview of the book of Acts, Peter Jeffrey works his way through the text in short chapters applying each passage to the church today and to individual Christians' lives.  He emphasizes dependence upon God and demonstrates the outworking of the Holy Spirit in the life and witness of the early church.
The Pigtail and Chopsticks Man:  The Story of J. Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission
By Jim Cromarty
Evangelical Press, 2010
Paperback, 206 pages
Much has been written about Hudson Taylor and his missionary work in China.  In this biography, Jim Cromarty's expressed goal is to present the material in a way that can easily be read aloud by parents to children.  Though not the only ones who will benefit from the retelling of the story, families will appreciate the shorter chapters and the inclusion of several questions at the end of each chapter.

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