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August Book of the Month - Family Worship Commentary

c w knerr

Family Worship Bible Commentary
edited by Andrew W. Camp
This 3 volume set begins with a foreword by Joel Beeke, containing his thoughts, practical suggestions for daily family worship.  Following this is the Editor's Preface in which Andrew Camp details the whys, wherefores and back story of these books, his labor of love to bring together a great resource for families--or for anyone looking for a concise chapter by chapter commentary of the Bible drawn from the writings of 19th century Scottish Reformed authors.  Both men also mention additional resources which can be used along side this commentary set.  One will then find a selection from Daniel Dewar's "The Obligation, Advantages, and Frequency of Family Worship", published in the 1860, a fitting introduction.  Also included is a list of the 181 contributors.
Beginning at Genesis 1, each chapter of the Bible is addressed in 1 to 2 1/2 pages by the chosen author.  Each segment contains "Reflections" or Practical Remarks" giving the main application(s) of the passage while some also include explanatory remarks.  The organization by Bible book and chapter is also helpful for those wanting a summary exegesis for their own study.

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