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Why seek the lost?

c w knerr

Value, more specifically human value.  It is a concept that we all spend a considerable amount of time thinking about and developing.  We quantify value; what a person looks like, what is their personality, what do the have to offer as an individual.  As Christians, how do we assign value to the people around us? I was taught from a very young age that all people are image bearers of God.  Being an image bearer of God gives a person an intrinsic value that is completely separate from what he or she can offer.  We as Christians appose Racism, we appose abortion and euthanasia, we place a high value upon individuals with special needs.  Does our passion for human value carry over to our evangelism?   I fear that at times evangelism is driven by a sense of guilt.  We know that we should evangelize, we know we are commanded to evangelize, and so we do it out of a sense of compulsion.  Other times evangelism is driven by human popularity, we talk to the people we are naturally drawn to.  We base our witness on connections that "work" for us.  The truth is, no one merits God's favor more than another, and no one has more or less value as an image bearer of God. Even in election God acknowledges that is was not because of anything he saw in any member of his creation.  I passed a young woman on the sidewalk today.  everything about her screamed leave me alone.  There was something else present though, there was a look that said "I am not valuable and I know that I am not valuable".  Jesus said that he came to heal the sick rather than the well.  Why as Christians do we often pursue people who we like, look nice and have something to offer us in return. 

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